AkzoNobel launches new multi-substrate primer for plastic automotive exterior

February 5, 2024

AkzoNobel has developed a new 2K solvent-borne primer in conductive and dark grey for automotive OEM exterior plastic parts, which are increasingly presenting adhesion challenges for our customers.

The low polarity of plastics such as polypropylene causes low surface energy and poor adhesion, making plastic parts such as bumpers, rocker panels and contrasting features challenging to coat.

Our new multi-substrate ESP-950 primer belongs to a new technology family developed by AkzoNobel and will provide adherence to a broader range of automotive substrates, including polypropylene grades (> 20% talc) and polycarbonate blends.

Ed Hilborne, Global Product Marketing Manager for AkzoNobel’s Automotive OEM Coatings business, says, “There is an increasing focus on vehicle weight reduction and emissions, which is accelerating the growth of the market for automotive plastics, but conversely, the adhesion of coatings is becoming more and more difficult.

“Committed to creating products that power process efficiency, AkzoNobel’s new multi-substrate ESP-950 primer creates a paint system with wider versatility in adhesion on plastics, with lower dry film thickness in application than existing primers. It is compatible with automotive application lines - wet-on-wet or bake-on-bake technology - and fulfils most OEM specifications.”

The multi-substrate nature of this primer means there is no need to switch products in production, reducing complexity and increasing efficiency on the paint line.

Our Automotive OEM Coatings business offers high-performance coating solutions for cars worldwide, supporting innovations in radar and connectivity technology, and the challenges faced by OEMs today and in the future.

For more information about AkzoNobel’s new Automotive OEM multi-substrate primer, please contact us

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